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Meet Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll is serving his third term as the State Representative for Illinois’ 57th House District. He decided to serve because he cares about his community. Jonathan wants to ensure that his children see the better side of politics and learn to love the state as much as he does.

In addition to his work as a state representative, Jonathan helps individuals with various cognitive challenges like ADHD meet personal, professional and educational goals. As a certified Special Education teacher, Jonathan has been helping individuals his whole career. He is a lifelong resident of Illinois. Jonathan’s passions reflect the community: creating jobs, reducing Illinois’ massive property tax burden, ensuring great schools, sensible gun control and protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Jonathan received a B.A. in Communications from DePaul University in Chicago and a M.A. in Learning Disabilities from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Friends of Jonathan Carroll - Illinois State Representative 57th District

Illinois’ 57th State House District covers all or parts of Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Glenview, Mount Prospect, Northbrook, Palatine, Prospect Heights and Wheeling.

Key Issues

Jonathan is passionate about making change for a number of key issues:

Property Taxes

Jonathan is fighting for property tax relief. Like you, he’s watched his family’s property taxes increase at an alarming rate. He is sick and tired of seeing families forced out of their homes. He wants to make sure that people are allowed to stay and prosper in the communities that they love.

Government Consolidation

In the state of Illinois, we have way too much government. Jonathan is working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reduce redundant and unneccisary layers of local government.


As the father of two, Jonathan wants to fully fund our schools in order to provide our children the best possible education. While some politicians choose political games over our students, Jonathan wants to provide every child with a quality education. We have to ensure teachers and students have the resources they need.

Gun Safety

Jonathan wants to ban deadly, military-style assault rifles, and better regulate gun shops to crack down on illegal gun sales. Jonathan is also standing up to the NRA agenda and demanding common-sense reforms that prohibit individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from obtaining guns. Unlike others who offer "thoughts and prayers", Jonathan has sponsored and passed meaning gun reform.


Jonathan believes everyone should have access to good and affordable health care. He’s fought tirelessly for and passed bills to ensure children and adults have access to life-saving medication. As a father of a daughter with food allergies, Jonathan has successfully put Illinois at the forefront of food allergy labeling and training.


Jonathan opposes reckless cuts to senior care. He is standing with AARP to stop a proposal that would strip life-saving care from elderly residents, eliminate criminal background checks on caregivers and deny home-delivered meals to thousands of seniors. His office also works with seniors to ensure that they have access to programs and benefits offered to them through local, state, and federal government.


Jonathan is committed to ending veteran suicide. He wants veterans returning from combat overseas to receive needed care, expand job opportunities for service members, and cut red tape so veterans can access health care, job training and other services as soon as they get home.

Protecting A Woman’s Right to Choose

Jonathan knows personal medical decisions should be made by women and their doctors and not by politicians. He has worked with colleagues to ensure women have access to quality healthcare, and was a Chief Co-Sponsor of the historic Equal Rights Amendment.

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